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PWR Series Water Treatment System

PWR Series Water Treatment System

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The PWR Series allows for wash water to be reclaimed on the job site.  Water is reclaimed by using the 20-foot water berm (included) to stop water from flowing down a drain or away from your area.  The suction head draws wash water into a holding chamber where a second pump forces the water through an optional 10-micron bag filter before returning it to the holding tank for reuse or proper disposal.

Recovery & Recycle System


  • 1/3 HP transfer pump
  • Oil absorbing boom/sock
  • Vacuum tank drain
  • 3-stage vacuum motor 
  • Stainless-steel suction head
  • Cam lock fittings
  • 50-foot vacuum hose
  • 55-gallon capacity
  • 20-foot water berm
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