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Landa HS Series Hot Water Heater

Landa HS Series Hot Water Heater

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When you want to boost the cleaning power of your cold water pressure washer without upgrading to a new machine, consider an alternative: one of Landa Kärcher Group’s hot water generators. Simply attach the electric-powered, diesel or oil heated HS to your cold water pressure washer, and transform your machine into a powerful hot water washer. The HS comes standard with 10" wheels for portability. Landa Kärcher Group emphasizes safety as well as quality, and both machines are outfitted with a trio of safety features (a rupture disk, high-limit thermostat, and flow switch) to prevent heat and pressure from building up excessively, providing you with the assurance that your equipment is both efficient and safe! 

Hot Water Generator

  • Increases incoming water temperature as much as 150°F above the water's ambient temperature, depending on the flow rate
  • Features a high-efficiency burner
  • 12-gauge steel chassis with weather-resistant epoxy powder coat paint
  • Safety features include a rupture disk, high-limit thermostat, and flow switch to guard against the buildup of excessive heat or pressure

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