Home Reverse Osmosis System

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The Kwik-Change Reverse Osmosis System produces up to 60 gallons per day of high quality water that exceeds the quality of most bottled waters! 


  • Kwik-Change cartridges are the fastest changeable cartridges on the market. It takes only 30 seconds to completely change a filter!
  • 1/4 pivot filter makes for ease of accessibility and filter change, reduces the amount of tube connections for greater reliability and less potential leaks. 
  • Cartridges connect to and disconnect from the unit by a simple 1/4 turn. It's so easy! 
  • Space saving design installs under sink or in limited space. 
  • Adapt-A-Valve easily connects to water source. 
  • Automatic shut off. No need to shut off incoming supply when changing filters. 
  • Kwik-Change cartridges eliminate water spills during replacement. 
  • Double seal o-ring cartridges ensure that the system will not leak. 
  • Back flow prevention valves are installed between the elements for water quality assurance. 

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